Auditions Sunday, March 11 @ 6 pm

5th Wall is casting an ensemble of 5-8 female-identifying performer/creators for Crazy Bitch, a devised theatre piece to appear in Piccolo Spoleto 2018. Please read below for important information about this project:

Since its conception, 5th Wall Productions has had a commitment to the development and production of new plays, as well as the presentation of socially-relevant works. For Piccolo Spoleto 2018, we intend to push both of those goals even further with Crazy Bitch, a completely original ensemble-devised piece based upon the true first-hand accounts of women incarcerated in asylums during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Some of these women did struggle with mental illness, though it’s questionable whether the “care” they received while institutionalized actually did more harm than good. Many, however, were simply unruly–unwilling or unable to fit into the narrow mold society deemed acceptable for them. By using their own words as the basis for our devising work, our hope is to let them speak for themselves, while also using the power of original additional text, movement, music, and performance to highlight the broader implications of their stories as relates to the ways that “crazy” has always–and continues to be–a term used to dismiss and disbelieve women.

Auditionees should have a strong interest in collaborative ensemble-based work. The audition will consist of group movement exercises, and an chance to work together in small groups to create a performance piece based on a provided excerpt of text.

We are also seeking to collaborate with writers, poets, musicians, dramaturges, choreographers, and other artists throughout this project. If you are interested in being a part of this project in a non-performance capacity, please contact for more information.

If you have any questions, or are interested but unavailable for this audition, please contact