Past Productions

Season Four: 2017-2018

Spring Awakening  | by Steven Sater and Duncan Sheik

Ghost Walks Into a Bar  |  by Mora Harris (New Play Workshop)

Big Love  |  by Charles Mee

Crazy Bitch  devised by the ensemble

The Mating Instinct  |  by Aren Haun


Season Three: 2016-2017

Clue: the Musical  |  by Peter DePietro, by Galen Blum, Wayne Barker, Vinnie Martucci, and Tom Chiodo

The Way It Is  |by Donna Hoke

Christmas in Crisis  |  by Blair Cadden (Youth Production/New Play Workshop)

One Bear Lake  |by R.W. Ridley (New Play Workshop)

Snowblind  | by Laura King (New Play Workshop)

Riot Act  | by Jason Olson (New Play Workshop)


Season Two: 2015-2016

Crazy Little Thing Called Love, an evening of ten-minute plays

The Stray Englishman  |  by Blair Cadden (New Play Workshop)

Heart of Christmas  |  by Kem Welch

Like Drowning  | by Brian Petti (New Play Workshop)

Fat Pig  |by Neil Labute

Agloanike’s Tiger  | by Claudia Barnett (New Play Workshop)


Season One: 2014-2015

Date Night: “6 Writers. 6 Plays. 6 Restaurants. 1 Crazy Night.”

A Few Good Men  |  by Aaron Sorkin