Season 5

At 5th Wall, we like plays that ask hard questions. This season, we have chosen stories about characters who dare to do the same, whether that means questioning authority, or questioning everything they themselves believe to be true.

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November 9-18, 2018
In residence at Threshold Repertory Theatre

“What do you do when you aren’t sure?”
In this Pulitzer Prize-winning drama, a strict nun finds herself in the uncomfortable position of having to question the motives of her priest when she becomes suspicious of his special interest in a young male student. As the conflict unfolds, uncertainty only grows, leaving everyone with more questions than answers… and yes, with plenty of doubts.


Late Spring 2019

“It’s the Greeks tonight. The old stories that never die.”
The language and the setting are thoroughly new, but the questions are the same in this contemporary retelling of Sophocles’ Antigone.  What do you do when the law of your government is at odds with what you know to be right? How much should you risk for family? For justice? For Antigone, who defies the order of her uncle Creon to give her brother a proper burial, the answer is that you should risk everything.


Plus two new play selections, TBD

Winter and Spring 2019

Our season will be completed by two new play workshop productions, selected from our Staged Reading Series. Details coming soon!