Season 4

Over the past year, we’ve seen many powerful people demanding apologies. Apologies from artists who dared to speak their mind. Apologies from those who are “different”. From those who won’t sit down and shut up. From those who persist.

With this as our backdrop, we are excited to announce Season IV:

No Apologies. 

5 plays filled with characters who refuse to apologize. Young people who do not apologize for speaking their mind, even when they know they are Totally Fucked. A bar full of individuals who don’t apologize for holding on to the things they love… even after death. 50 brides who do not apologize for saying no to a society that would take choice away from them. A writer who does not apologize for the stories he has to tell, no matter what it costs him.

 Season Tickets on sale now.


Spring Awakening – Book and lyrics by Steven Sater / Music by Duncan Sheik

August 11-27

Based on the play by Frank Wedekind, this Tony Award-winning rock musical shows us a dozen teenagers struggling to make sense of their newfound sexual desires and find their place in a world run by adults who would rather keep them silent and in the dark. Presented with an in-your-face, punk rock twist, this is a show that won’t be ignored or forgotten.



Ghost Walks Into a Bar – by Mora Harris

October 20-28

Oh, Connor’s Bar and Comedy Club is a hub of paranormal activity, especially when it’s Ghost Comedy Night, and especially since the shooting. A group of ghosts puzzles through the tasks they must perform in order to move on over fancy old school cocktails and depressing stand up routines. In the middle of it all, Ivy the one breather of the bunch, must make a choice between joining the ghosts permanently in the Ghost World or coming back to the land of living. 


Big Love by Charles Mee

February 9-25

Fifty brides flee their fifty grooms and seek refuge in a villa on the coast of Italy in this modern re-making of one of the western world’s oldest plays, The Danaids by Aeschylus. And, in this villa on the Italian coast, the fifty grooms catch up with the brides, and mayhem ensues: the grooms arriving by helicopter in their flight suits, women throwing themselves over and over again to the ground, pop songs and romantic dances, and, finally, unable to escape their forced marriages, 49 of the brides murder 49 of the grooms-and one bride falls in love. About the same odds as today.



Crazy Bitch  – devised by the ensemble

Piccolo Spoleto Festival 2018

Performing at Threshold Repertory Theatre

Since its conception, 5th Wall Productions has had a commitment to the development and production of new plays, as well as the presentation of socially-relevant works. For Piccolo Spoleto 2018, we intend to push both of those goals even further with Crazy Bitch, a completely original ensemble-devised piece based upon the true first-hand accounts of women incarcerated in asylums during the 19th and 20th centuries. By using their own words as the basis for our devising work, our hope is to let them speak for themselves, while also using the power of original additional text, movement, music, and performance to highlight the broader implications of their stories as relates to the ways that “crazy” has always–and continues to be–a term used to dismiss and disbelieve women.



The Mating Instinct by Aren Haun

August 17-26 

Performing at South of Broadway Theatre

Carl, a teacher in an elite private high school, is about to publish his third YA novel, The Mating Instinct, which depicts a romantic relationship between a teacher and a student. After his wife reads an Advanced Reader Copy and identifies the student in the book as a senior named Mackenzie, she believes the affair is real. Rather than hide the misunderstanding, Carl escalates the conflict by making the accusation public. Soon Carl’s job, reputation, and relationship with his family are at stake as the line between truth and fiction becomes increasingly blurred.