We’ve Moved Out!

“Theater is a verb before it is a noun, an act before it is a place.”
– Martha Graham

In September, 2015, we opened our Citadel Mall location with an evening of ten-minute plays we titled “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” It seems fitting that this February, our final production in that space was Big Love by Charles Mee.

Due to newly imposed content restrictions, it is no longer possible for us to remain in our current location while still being true to our mission. After all, tackling the big, messy, adult questions of life often necessitates diving into subject matter that is–you guessed it–big, messy, and adult in nature.

So for our final production at the Citadel Mall,  we jumped head first into some of the biggest and messiest questions we know: What is love, really? Is it even possible to find love in a world that is unjust and unbalanced? What does it mean to live and love as our truest selves?

And now? Well, now we are entering a new phase for 5th Wall Productions. Just as when we started, we will be–for the moment–without our own brick and mortar location. But bricks and mortar aren’t what makes a theatre. People make a theatre. Passion makes a theatre. Love makes a theatre.

Thank you for your support. Stay tuned to see where we show up next!

With Big Love,

Blair Cadden & Jason Olson
Artistic Director & Executive Director